Frequently Asked Questions

This section of our website contains answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions. If you still have inquiries you can email us for further assistance.

Q. Will you pay me to drive someone else’s advertising?
A. No. Our company charges businesses and others to wrap their vehicles. (But we may be able to point you in the right direction) email us with your information).

Q. Will a vehicle wrap damage my vehicle’s paint upon removal?
A. For factory paint in good shape, No. (Repainted and/or paint in poor condition may peel when removed).

Q. Where do the vehicle wraps get installed?
A. Installation is the last step of your project but definitely not least important. An indoor location and properly trained installer is crucial. We have a network of qualified installers that we use all over the country. If we don’t have an installer within an hour from your location, they will travel to you to complete the job. An additional trip charge may apply.

Q. How long should the wrap last on my vehicle?
A. Our wraps will normally outlast the duration you’re looking to use them. You can expect your wrap to last 2-3 years or longer, providing you are careful about basic maintenance (As with any vehicle finish).

Q. Do you offer any kind of warranty?
A. We will correct any imperfections from Print or Install within 60 Days. Our prints are backed by the 3M warrantee; A two-year warranty on material applied to painted surfaces and one year for material applied to window surfaces. The warranty does not cover damage due to vehicle wear and tear. (Warranty simply covers, premature product failure).

Q. How do I care for my wrap?
A. Hand washing is best option for maintaining your wrap. Avoid high-pressure washes and be careful never to use an ice-scraper. Sweeping off windows with a soft broom and rear defroster will cause no damage to your window graphics.
We highly recommend NOT to pressure wash the vehicle after installation of the vinyl. Some pressure washers can potentially lift up the vinyl because of improper use of the water pressure.

Q. Do I have to wash my vehicle before installation?
A. Yes. All vehicles have to be free of dust, mud, pollen, and other agents that may slow down the installation process.

Q. How long do you need my vehicle for installation?
A. Installation normally takes between one and two days depending on the square footage of your project.

Q. Will a Vehicle Wrap damage my paint?
A. No. The material used actually protects your paint finish from minor scratches, acid rain, sap, the sun and a number of other elements that wears down the factory finish of your vehicle.

Q. Does a vehicle have to be a certain color to work?
A. Generally, no. A full wrap covers all the painted surfaces of a vehicle (roof when requested) and is an opaque material. Areas such as chrome bumpers, grilles and trim are generally not covered.  Therefore, color generally does not matter. However, if you have a light vehicle and a dark wrap, edges and hinges may be slightly visible after installation. Same is true for the opposite. Please also keep in mind that window coverage is subject to local and state regulations.

Q: Where is your install location? What if not close to me?
A: NYC Wraps, Inc. installs in various areas of The New York Metropolitan Area, with other locations in Los Angeles, California, Miami, Florida, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and most major cities within the US.

Q: Do you wrap wheels or rims?
A: No, we do not wrap wheels/rims, but we can provide you with printed Hub Caps. (Ask us for more details)

Q: What if I want my advertising to be visible at night.
A: Then ask about our reflective vinyl or other growing technologies.

Q: Will my car wrap peel or fade?
A: Yes, overtime just like factory paint, you can expect normal wear-and-tear. Fading will occur, but very unnoticeable. (Most wraps last for at least 3 years).


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